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3 Reasons To Outsource HeavyTruck Maintenance And Repairs

South Carolina fleet owners and trucking companies oftentimes employ an in-house staff of mechanics and maintenance technicians. Although this approach works for some, it is expensive. And, despite having a licensed mechanic on site, they may not have the expertise needed to do certain repairs. What's more, in-house maintenance requires the truck to be on the premises, which makes it difficult when a problem occurs on the road. For these reasons, outsourcing semi-truck maintenance and repairs may well be more advantageous.

Decreased Expenses

The cost of an in-house mechanic is more than just the salary and benefits the employee receives. There are also other expenses, such as the cost of upkeep for the building that houses the mechanic's shop, taxes and insurance. In addition, fleets must provide their maintenance staff with adequate tools and equipment. For smaller businesses, these costs can make the difference between making a profit and losing money. Those that outsource, however, only pay for the services they receive, when they receive them. Their overall maintenance costs are, therefore, a fraction of the cost of in-house services.

Specialized Service

More often than not, trucking companies hire mechanics with generalized knowledge and experience with semi-trucks. This helps ensure that the vast majority of repairs and maintenance issues can be handled. However, not every mechanic has the ability, or equipment, to perform specialty repair services such as windshield replacement, or flywheel resurfacing. An outsourced maintenance crew that services a variety of trucking companies, by contrast, often has the ability to do these, and many other repairs quickly and efficiently.

Service Anywhere

It's a fact of trucking life that trucks break down, or experience issues when they're out on the road. While it's possible to tow a vehicle back to the shop for repairs, it's often cost-prohibitive, time-consuming and detrimental to productivity. It's more efficient to outsource the necessary repairs to a company with multiple locations throughout the state like Carolina International. No matter where your truck is, you can rest assured that a professional, experienced mechanic is close at hand and able to get you moving again.

Fleet owners like you understand the importance of a well-maintained vehicle and you strive to keep yours in tip-top condition. If your maintenance crew is having difficulty keeping up, or if you're concerned with the costs, contact us. We will be happy to speak to you about your needs and to further explain the benefits of outsourcing your maintenance and repairs.

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