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Timely Maintenance is Crucial To Your Success

It's clear that modern heavy-duty trucks are more sophisticated than ever. They are more than an investment; they are the very livelihood of independent truckers everywhere. Down time cuts profits, but ignoring servicing requirements may dramatically increase your annual costs and hurt your bottom line.

High Cost of Procrastination

That time-worn slogan, “Penny wise and pound foolish,” certainly applies to timely service & maintenance. Ignore a critical issue and you may face a later repair that is may times more expensive. With the ongoing pressure of frequently tight schedules, procrastination is all too tempting. “I'll take care of it next week,” may morph into “Why didn't I take care of this sooner?” In particular, it is a question that flashes through the mind of many a trucker facing a breakdown out on the road.  

Prompt Maintenance Done Right

The solution is simple - entrust your servicing and maintenance requirements to a dealership with a reputation for minimizing down time. At Carolina International, a hefty $6 million investment in our parts inventory sends a strong message to our loyal customers - we understand that downtime is the enemy. At the same time, we will not compromise on the quality of the service and maintenance of your crucial investment.

Contact Us Today

Thanks to the dedicated man and women in the trucking community, Carolina International has grown to the point that it is the leading large truck dealership in the state. Our dozens of service bays stand ready to serve you at six locations strategically located across South Carolina. Give us a call, and we’ll set up your service or maintenance appointment at a time that fits into your schedule. Please contact us today!

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