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Cement Trucking Industry Ponders Results of Latest Shahsavari Study Release

Have you read about Rouzbeh Shahsavari’s latest research? At first blush, the RICE University icon may seem far removed from the semi, heavy and medium-duty truck industry but he’s really not. He may not drive Carolina International Trucks best Class 5 to Class 8 vehicles but his research impacts the industry greatly, from within. Here’s how:

Shahsavari uses his knowledge of molecular science to help perfect many of the materials transported by members of the semi, heavy and medium-duty trucking industry. Not surprisingly, he’s also a well-respected member of the American Concrete Institute and Advances in Cement Based Materials. One of the latest materials he’s been working on is cement. Of course it’s the same material carried by Continental Mixers across the nation. 

In late 2016, Shahsavari and his cohorts released a paper on how the molecular structure of cement may be altered to benefit the construction industry. The paper appeared in a number of learned publications, including the Journal of Materials Chemistry A and Applied Materials and Interfaces. Rice University also touted his accomplishments on their website and in related press releases. If Shahsavari’s theories about cement’s chemical makeup are indeed correct, it may spark increased interest in mixers and dump trucks.

Mixers and dump trucks are ideal for transporting a wide range of concrete products. Many of the trucks we carry are well-known for their durability. People often say the trucks' durability is a result of solid welded fins, double-welded seams, pedestal design, thick back-up plates and Box I Beam axles. But we invite you to come on down to our Carolina International Trucks’ showroom and be the judge. We’ve got a number of trucks in stock that can help companies take advantage of advancements in concrete engineering. To learn more about them, please contact one of our six, South Carolina locations today.



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