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Hino’s Manager Wasn’t the Only Media Darling in March

Have you heard the latest Hino brand news? There’s certainly been a lot of it and General Manager, Bill Gillespie, wasn’t the only headliner. He recently shared the spotlight with a cavalcade of the company’s great vehicles, including those outfitted with spacious, tricked out cabs and Traq Telematic Systems.

Gillespie, A Known News Maker

Gillespie, semi-truck drivers may recall, joined the firm in 2014, on the heels of a brief restructuring period. Of course he’s done exceptionally well at leading the Australian firm’s Brand and Franchise Development efforts. Accordingly, it was no surprise to see him featured in a March 2017 online edition of Prime Mover Magazine.

Brand Leader Mentions Double Cab Trucks

Although not the main focus of the magazine interviewer’s piece, Gillespie did let slip a few tantalizing clues about new vehicles Carolina International Trucks’ clientele are apt to find on the lot this year, namely the Hino Double Cab. Expected to be one of the hottest sellers in the double cab market, it boasts an impressive array of features including, but not constrained to the following:

  • 30-Gallon Fuel Tank (Center Mounted)
  • Low NOx Emissions Rating
  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission (Aisin A465)
  • 5L/210 HP Turbo Diesel Engine (440lb-ft torque)
  • Standard A/C, CD and Cruise Control
  • Full INSIGHT Platform and 24/7 Assistance
  • Hino Care Service Option and Warranty

Future News Expected to Come Out of Brisbane

As such, the Hino Double Cab has already received its fair share of international press. Also, remember the Brisbane Truck Show is on the horizon. With Hino expected to be one of the event’s prestigious vendors, we’re sure that more brand news about the double cab and the company’s other vehicles will surely follow this summer. So, we won’t belabor the vehicle’s benefits here. Instead, we suggest that drivers contact Carolina International directly and see what’s making news now.

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