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Keeping Americans’ Humanitarian Efforts Rolling World-Wide

It seems that one can’t read national or international headlines today without hearing about some natural disaster or another. It also seems that across the nation, semi-truck industry members are doing their part to help provide people in those beleaguered areas with some relief. For example, many truck drivers are filling their rigs with donated supplies and taking them to Dobbins Air Reserve Base , Tampa Bay Walmarts and other locations. Both establishments reported on the situation in late September 2017.

It is no surprise that after natural disasters, semi-trucks often become the work horses of relief efforts. Sometimes the semi-trucks are government-owned and other times, they’re driven by folks like you and me. The later are generally affiliated with large groups who’ve chosen to partner with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency’s outposts. However, one does not have to be affiliated with a large group to offer post-disaster assistance.

Purchasing used semi-trucks is not restricted to large organizations. Individuals and small groups interested in hauling supplies to disaster victims will find many suitable vehicles on sale at Carolina International. Once used semi-trucks are obtained, we recommend contacting FEMA for a volunteer application. The agency’s disaster volunteer applications are divided into sections, which are readily accessible online. Approval may take a while but many believe that it’s worth the wait.

One bit of advice though; it’s a good idea to make sure that the used semi-trucks are suitable for the volunteer work which one is applying for. For example, volunteers hoping to transport supplies long distances on limited budgets would do well to consider purchasing semi-trucks with sleeper cabs. They’re better than having to search for available hotel rooms close to evacuation zones. Short-haul volunteers, on the other hand, may be able to get away with using day cabs or other semi-truck configurations for their disaster relief runs. To learn more about the best used semi-trucks for disaster relief work, please contact Carolina International today.

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