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How Technology Is Changing the Heavy and Medium Trucking Industry

Technological advances are making a big impact on the trucking industry. Only a few decade ago the industry primarily focused on the product, however now it has shifted gears toward the truck's services. An expert from Frost & Sullivan, Franck Leveque, calls it a "truck-as-a-service" business model which is similar to the growing "software-as-a-service" trend in the technology industry. He estimates that almost 65 million trucks will connect digitally by 2025.

The commercial vehicle industry is starting to use technology to design heavy and medium trucks in innovative ways. Besides influencing design, new applications and software systems are making it easier for drivers, technicians and fleet managers to do their job. For example, many software and technology companies are trying to improve vehicle safety features and help them diagnose problems faster. Software can also give drivers and companies the ability to automate the freight matching process and know their load capacity status. The trucking industry depends on multiple roles and responsibilities to work successfully. 

Overall, technological innovations can make the trucking industry more efficient and productive. It can also make the entire business process more transparent and visible to drivers. These improvements are good because they will make the industry safer and remove outdated work processes. We believe the demand for more software and technology will only grow over time.

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