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South Carolina's Trucking Industry Looking For CDL Certified Drivers

Carolina International celebrates its exciting role in America's trucking industry with twenty-five years of keeping their customers' trucks safely moving down the road. We're working hard to stay up-to-date to continue offering our customers the best trucking solutions. As South Carolina 's trucking industry leaders hope to attract new CDL certified drivers to keep America's products moving, we also hope to see new drivers join our growing industry. 

Found on GoUpstate.com"Trucking industry losing drivers faster than they can recruit" by Norton, R. (2018, June 4) reinforces what we are all hearing about across the United States on the shortage of truck drivers. Norton reports from statistics by the South Carolina Trucking Association that "almost half of the drivers are older than 52 and only 0.5% are between 18 and 21 years old."

Norton also reports data by the President and CEO of South Carolina Ports Authority, Jim Newsome, that "7,000 truck transactions occur daily" at just two of South Carolina's ports. With limited hours truckers are allowed to work, the South Carolina ports are working hard to be as efficient as possible so that truckers are not waiting around and wasting their time. Newsome would like others across the country to begin giving truckers the respect and consideration they deserve. Make it easier for them to get in and out which help them make a better living.

Statistics are still showing how the number of truck drivers in demand will continue to increase if something isn't done to attract new drivers. Norton shares some eye-opening news "from the online freight marketplace DAT Solutions says just one truck was available for every 12 loads awaiting shipment in January, the most unbalanced market since the days just after Hurricane Katrina."

Per Norton's report, South Carolina Trucking Association is working hard to get changes made. One important challenge is changing the law to allow younger CDL drivers, 18- to-21-years-old, the ability to cross state lines. They are also working to recruit young drivers by developing partnerships with high schools, technical schools, and the industry itself. The young drivers that are graduating from schools like Greenville Technical College are running at full capacity, and companies are anxiously waiting for every graduation. 

Carolina International understands how important it is to keep our customers' trucks moving so that truck drivers can do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Our six locations are positioned across South Carolina to offer our customers and their drivers the best trucking solutions from sales to service. We are South Carolina's largest, commercial truck dealer, and our entire team across South Carolina works together to offer the best customer service on every level. We're here when you need us, and it is always an honor to partner with you and your drivers. 

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