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CIT Will Keep Your Semi-Trucks and Equipment Prepared for Inspection

Carolina International Trucks (CIT) has been an integral part of the trucking industry since 1992, and we are committed to providing the best professional and knowledgeable staff to keep our customers trucks on the road. Keeping organized is an important aspect of keeping any business efficiently running.

The roads are busier than ever as truckloads of products are moved across our country. We're here to keep our customers' trucks and equipment serviced and maintained so that inspections are passed. Part of a trucker's responsibility is to keep organized and always be prepared for an inspection.

Found on FueLoyal"DOT Inspection - 10 Things DOT Officers Look For" is a useful guide that independent truckers and fleet managers can review to be ready for the annual and unexpected inspections. As the article states, all Class 8 trucks with a weight load of 10,001 and more must have an annual inspection. Not only is the truck inspected to make sure it is in safe working order, the truck driver is also under review.

A six-step review is a norm for DOT inspections. One area that was a problem for drivers were their log books. With the electronic logging devices, improper documentation is being eliminated and hours of service are not being abused.

As the author states, "listen and follow instructions, be polite, be organized and do your pre-trip inspection when you have your annual inspection or that unexpected inspection. 

  1. Is your cab tidy or a trash bin?
    1. If your cab is a total mess, a red flag goes up to check for unmaintained equipment.  
    2. Living in a cab of trash and filth is not hygienic and could be unhealthy.
  2. Organized documents allow for quick review.
    1. Unorganized documentation wastes everyone's time and initiates another red flag alert.
  3. First impressions set the tone and the mood of the inspection.
    1. A polite greeting and respectful responses are always welcomed.
    2. A clean and organized truck says a lot. 
  4. Always be prepared and cooperate.
    1. Truck drivers who perform their pre-trip inspections and cooperate are usually found to be compliant with DOT inspections. 
  5. Be courteous even if you've been driving for hours. 

The pre-trip inspection is one of the most important tasks that a driver or fleet manager can do to assure a semi-truck is safe enough to drive across the roads and highways. Taking care of any minor issues can head off lost time and expense over the road. As so many people know, a non-working tail light can be a red flag along the highways. 

Carolina International Trucks has a great team of highly trained technicians who care about our customers and understand the importance of efficient service and repairs. For your convenience, we have six service centers across South Carolina. Partner with our courteous team to make sure you are prepared for inspections. We're here to keep your trucks and equipment on the move. 

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