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Do NOT Park in Unfamiliar Lots

Truckers, beware. There are multiple reports all over the East Coast that strip malls in several states are booting any vehicle they consider to be "abusing" their parking policy. Even if you don't have a trailer, you can be subject to booting, and it will cost $500 or more, PLUS hourly fees, to remove the boot. 

At least one booting company employee hit a trucker with his vehicle while attempting to prevent the wrecker from leaving the Walmart parking lot, after the wrecker assisted the booted truck. The specific Walmart in Perry, Georgia has become notorious online for hiring a booting company and aggressively enforcing the 30-minute truck parking policy since April 2018. Booting company claimed what it is was doing is legal unless there is a law specifically outlawing them as they are operating on private property, and there is no limit on what they can charge.  In Atlanta and Decatur, booting was specifically regulated, and rates are capped at $75. 

In 2017, a trucker reported he was booted while waiting out Hurricane Irma in Illinois. The booter apparently did not care for the hurricane explanation. 

North Carolina was apparently worse. A truck driver from Texas who parked in Shelby, North Carolina ate and slept in his cab, and was booted. He was told it's $100 to take the boot off. He went with the guy because he only had $50 and had to make arrangements. When he arrived at the location, he found his rig had been towed and his $100 boot fee just became $1875 towing fee. 

Police departments are mostly staying on the sidelines, stating this is a civil dispute. This Wild West atmosphere of zero regulation had inspired rogue operators who went outright illegal. One such rogue operator was caught in Chicago Illinois in 2016. He apparently stayed in wait until victim walked away, put up the sign claiming he has authority to tow, booted the victim's big rig, and demanded $1000 to remove the boot, as well as threaten to tow the vehicle, which would add another $1000.

All truckers should pay CLOSE attention to any parking lot signs, and stick to rest areas and truck stops in an unfamiliar region. 

While Carolina International cannot help you find parking, we can help you with parts and maintenance of your truck, and fix damages caused by unscrupulous booters. Give us a call  for all of heavy truck needs. 

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