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Mitsubishi Fuso Goes Electric

Like the trucks themselves, truck brand news is always on the move. We're here to make sure you get all the information you need on the latest news in the automotive industry to make the best decisions on your current needs. For this post we'll see what Mitsubishi Fuso has been developing.

Now, let's see what its future holds!

The latest news in trucks is Mitsubishi Fuso's decision to go the electric route. Mitsubishi Fuso, which recently split off from Mitsubishi Motors in order to become its own entity devoted entirely to trucking, announced that it will begin production of electric trucks.


The new Fuso eCanter work trucks averaged 47.6 kWh/62 miles (47.6 kWh/100 km) of efficiency, whereas current diesel-based Canter trucks, on the other hand, required 3.72 gallons/62 miles (14.08 liters/100 km).

Based on current European prices, we estimate that the electric trucks will result in 64% savings over the course of one year in fuel cost.

More Eco-Friendly

Not only are these new vehicles projected to save on fuel, they were found to have zero carbon or other tailpipe emissions. Additionally, they resulted in a 37% reduction of carbon emissions versus diesel-based trucks. An increasingly environmentally conscious consumer base will appreciate these developments.

More Efficient

The head of Daimler Truck & Bus, Wolfgang Bernhard, reported that both battery performance and cost effectiveness have more than doubled. Furthermore, he had this to say:

“Now we’re reaching a tiring [sic] point. And that tipping point will be the end of this decade.”

The first all-electric trucks plan to land in the United States in 2017.

To discuss this or learn more about the latest news in trucks, feel free to contact us anytime. We love hearing from you.

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