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Mitsubishi Fuso Introduces Electric Truck To North American Market

Mitsubishi Fuso introduced its eCanter electric work truck to the North American market at the 2017 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

According to trucks.com, the vehicle will be the first all-electric work truck both designed and manufactured by one of the major truck manufacturers, suggesting the concept is destined to become more mainstream over time.

Power and Payload Specs

The eCanter is powered by six liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries from Mercedes-Benz. The 360V, 82.8 kWh batteries fully charge in approximately eight hours. The payload capacity of the new electric truck is 9,380 pounds. The eCanter will cost about 15-20 percent more than a diesel truck with similar capabilities, although it offers important fuel savings.

Collision Avoidance System

The new electric vehicle will include the Mobileye 6 Series Collision Avoidance System. According to Glasman, tests of the technology revealed a 50-percent reduction in warnings for tailgating, lane departures and potential collisions.

Fuso’s CEO, Jecka Glasman, said, “We want Fuso to be the Tesla of electric trucks.” She suggests that electric trucks will play an important role in the future, especially in urban areas coping with noise and air pollution. Such trucks can meet various important needs, including refrigerated food delivery.

First Deliveries

The first of Fuso’s eCanter trucks are set for delivery to American customers in late 2017. Fuso will lease the trucks for an initial two-year period. They will travel approximately 100 miles per charge. The Daimler Trucks subsidiary intends to introduce a subsequent model with a greater range.

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