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Widely Acclaimed A26 Engine From International

In May 2017, Truck Trend reviewed the new A26 engine from International. The 12.4-liter, I-6 engine is quieter and more fuel-efficient, and it reduces maintenance costs. The new big bore design delivers a number of attractive features:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Lightweight design
  • Longer intervals between oil changes

On a test course that emulates average terrain, fuel efficiency topped 8 mpg. The dry weight of the A26 is 2,299 pounds, as much as 700 pounds lighter than some competing 15-liter power plants. In fact, it is the lightest engine in its class. Horsepower, depending on configuration, runs as high as 475 and torque runs as high as 1750 lb-ft. Oil change intervals extend out to as much as 70,000 miles.

Excellent Warranty

International’s confidence in the design is expressed via the two-year unlimited mileage warranty, which can be extended out as far as six years and 600,000 miles.

Over time, noise reduction improves driver satisfaction by reducing fatigue and distractions. The new A26 has been engineered to run quieter on many levels. It features:

  • Advanced ECM calibration
  • Reduced vibration crankcase
  • Special rubber gasket cuts oil pan noise
  • Re-designed timing gears
  • Six-blade cooling fan

Ultimately, this new I-6 engine from International combines the efficiency, power and durability needed in the Class 8 market.

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