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How Uber Freight is Changing the Semi-Truck Industry

In recent news, Uber recently launched Uber Freight to the public. The famous ride-sharing company is currently experiencing a public relations crisis due to legal issues with Waymo, Google, and claims of a sexist company culture. The business currently doesn't have a CEO since Travis Kalanick stepped down from the position.

The trucking dispatch app makes it easier for commercial shippers to match with truck drivers looking for their next haul. Unlike the original Uber app, drivers are not automatically booked for jobs. It's up to the truck driver to search the marketplace for a load the want to book. Drivers can book freight rides several weeks in advance or on the same day. They can also search for loads based on location and date. Uber Freight also claims the technology gives smaller trucking companies the ability to open their business faster.

The app makes it easy for drivers to collect payments for their service and arrange upcoming freight trips. Uber Freight's platform allows drivers to report when they are finished with the job and receive payment within seven days. Although some truck drivers had to negotiate their fare in the past, the app is innovative because it gives drivers the ability to immediately know how much they will be paid for a job. Surge pricing may also occur based on the supply and demand in the geographical region. Uber Freight is up and running in Texas but they have plans to expand to the rest of the United States. Only time will tell how this new venture will increase their market share and impact the semi-truck industry. Please contact us today for more information.

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