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Prepare for Brake Safety Day This September 7th

Over the course of each year, inspection sites focus on different elements of safety depending on the weather, recent hazards, and common trends in safety violations. In order to draw attention to brake maintenance, law enforcement agencies will be conducting inspections on large vehicles on September 7, 2017, as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's Brake Safety Day. The inspections will check for braking systems that are worn, out-of-adjustment, or which break guidelines for antilock systems. 

While part of the focus of this campaign is to remove vehicles with brake violations from the roads, a large portion of the campaign is focused on awareness. Poorly maintained brakes and even properly installed systems with worn components can increase brake time, which reduces drivers' ability to respond to shifts in traffic or avoid accidents. However, 45.7% of violations during the 2016 International Roadcheck campaign were related to brakes. Common causes include:

  • loose and missing parts in the braking system
  • worn pads and linings, drums, and rotors
  • fluid leaks
  • antilock braking system indicator lamps

Lighting and tire violations are two of the other most common categories for safety compliance violations when it comes to vehicles and driving equipment. While the primary focus of the day's inspections will be targeting braking systems, inspectors will be conducting the North American Standard Level I Inspection. Make sure your routine pre-inspections encompass all of your truck's systems. Also be sure your driving hours are logged and any medical paperwork is easily accessible. 

For more news regarding safety compliance campaigns and changes in trucking regulations, go to Carolina International here.

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