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How to Establish a Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP)

A PMP (preventative maintenance plan) allows for owner operators to maintain their equipment with more efficiency, while also improving the life and performance of their equipment. By making a plan, owners can prolong any unexpected downtime due to maintenance issues. Let us take a look at how a PMP can help keep your most important asset on the road!

Establish a PM Schedule…And Stick To It!

A PM schedule allows owners to establish cycles when certain components on their equipment should be checked or changed. Some components should be checked on a frequent basis, and should be part of the safety check before every trip. Also, some major components may have an expected service life and should be changed at certain mile or hourly use intervals. Lastly, most servicing intervals should be kept to the manufacturing recommendations such as oil changes, and coolant checks. An example of an established PM plan can be found here.

Budget Down-Time for Major Repairs

One area where some owners fail is establishing down time for major repairs. Major catastrophes can be avoided if planned for properly. Most equipment components have established lifecycles that should be acknowledged by equipment owners. Having a few weeks of downtime to reset your equipment is essential for continued business. Maybe you can forecast a slow time for your customers that will allow you to take the vehicle off the road, and perform a needed tire change, or engine overhaul. These needed overhauls can be better forecasted through the use of an established PM plan.

Consider The Cost of a Repair VS. The Cost of New Equipment

Performing that major component overhaul may be costly, but it may be less costly than buying a whole new rig. For example, you may have lost your engine due to miles of wear and tear, but the rest of your equipment is in pristine condition. Keep your equipment on the road at a lower cost by replacing the engine instead of replacing the entire truck!

Contact us for recommended maintenance cycles on your equipment!

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