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Nurturing the Next Generation of Heavy Truck Technicians

According to a recent article from FleetOwner, Bureau of Labor statistics indicate that the need for heavy truck technicians is expected to grow by 10 percent over the next decade. Facing a shortage of technicians, the industry is looking at new ways to recruit the next generation. Here are some of the challenges faced and some suggestions from those who work in this profession as to how to resolve them.

  • Recruitment: Industry experts see a need for more presence of companies at high school career days. Someone needs to be talking to students about the possibilities of a career as a heavy truck technician, including expected pay and opportunities of advancement. Additionally, companies should increase their partnerships with technical schools to provide a bridge between training and career. Some companies are also looking to recruit veterans, developing mentorship programs that pair newcomer veterans with other veterans who are already working in the field. Industry groups are also looking to spread the word to women that they, too, have career opportunities as heavy truck technicians.
  • Retention: Industry-wide, there is a struggle to keep heavy truck technicians past the first year, the article noted. Between learning diagnostic assistance programs to understanding new warranty procedures to working on heavy trucks for perhaps the first time, the learning curve is steep. Additionally, new techs must learn simple tricks for troubleshooting that aren't found in manuals, but in the experience of older technicians. The need for mentorship programs in which these older technicians play a part in training is crucial.
  • Aligning the job with quality pay and benefits: In a world where young people can do anything they set their minds to, the article noted that industry reps see a need to look at what the career offers in terms of pay and benefits, and what can be done to improve these conditions to make it a more attractive choice. Some companies are also developing incentive programs such as peer competitions to help keep new technicians motivated to stay.

These are just a few suggestions on how to bolster the ranks of new heavy truck technicians. What are your ideas? Let us know. And contact us today to learn more about our employment opportunities and our company.

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