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Carolina International Welcomes Innovative Trucking Solutions

The staff at Carolina International has built a reputation to welcome customer challenges by working hard to find new solutions for any transportation needs. To keep our customers' trucks moving, we understand the importance of keeping up with the trucking industry's innovative changes with continuing education and training.  

The "Internet of Things" is definitely making an impact on the trucking industry. Found on Freight Waves"Trucking and the Internet of Things" by Hampstead, J.P. (2017, November 9) reports how technology is not just found in computers but in numerous 21st Century innovative devices. Remote monitoring allows for more control.

Hampstead points out the importance of the electronic logging device(ELD) that became mandated as of December 2017. This innovative, monitoring system allows for a host of benefits in the trucking industry. 

You can visualize the benefits from the institution of ELDs in a KeepTruckin Blog, "12 Benefits of ELDBeyond Compliance" (2017, June 5).

  • Administrative demand is lessened.
  • Excessive idling that causes fuel wastage can be tracked.
  • Ability to have diagnostic alerts monitored.
  • Best routing capabilities from location tracking.
  • "Geofencing" alerts are additional features of location tracking.
  • Driving behaviors are monitored to assure safe driving.
  • Liability cases against trucking companies are lowered with the data transmitted.
  • Burdensome quarterly reports, such as the "IFTA" reporting, are automated alleviating human error.
  • Insurance premiums can be lowered with GPS tracking.
  • Increased safety from the monitoring capabilities.
  • Compliance, Safety, and Accountability(CSA) scores should improve with monitoring capabilities.
  • Positive bottom line results will be realized from lower administrative costs, reduced fuel waste, and lower insurance premiums.

As part of staying up with the latest technology, we host our Carolina International Trucks University (CIT University) that offers "comprehensive training in service systems, maintenance and repair procedures."

Carolina International Trucks' entire South Carolina team offers much more than just providing the best, medium and heavy-duty trucks. We have set our standards high to offer our customers comprehensive service and parts inventory, and we will always be ready for the new, innovative changes in our exciting industry to keep your trucks moving.

Contact us if you're looking for transportation solutions that your business may need. It is always an honor to show you how we can be the solution to your trucking needs and challenges. 

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