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Oil Analysis

We have something that no one else in South Carolina has – an onsite oil analysis machine. Within minutes, our state-of-the-art oil analysis machine gives us results to see how much metal, water, and other foreign objects are in your oil system. By looking at these results, we can help prevent and repair problems before they get worse, which saves you money and downtime in the future.

All results are emailed directly to you, and also available for viewing on the Internet. Our system not only gives us reports of your current oil analysis, but gives us trending data over the history of your vehicle. By looking at trends, we can monitor conditions inside your engine that lets us help figure out how severe your problems may or may not be.

By having a regularly scheduled oil analysis done, you are taking the first step towards preventing downtime and catastrophic failure. Let Carolina International Trucks help you become more profitable and increase your uptime!

Understanding your oil analysis report